A Native Son Speaks Out

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

The secret to success: patience and participation

Andrew Firestone is the founder and principal at StonePark Capital in Santa Barbara. He met with host Mark Sylvester to talk about his current entrepreneurial journey into the hospitality industry. Andrew comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has deep roots in the area. His story starts with a newsletter he created when he was seven years old, that first brush with the media has served him well his entire career.
Our local Universities are breeding thought-leaders .”
Topics included;
  • Getting started and his early mentors
  • His new hotel in San Luis Obispo, La Quinta Inn
  • Working with the various entities in SLO
  • His relationship with his grandfather, Leonard Firestone and how those conversations shaped him
  • How it’s hard to be an entrepreneur when you look at all the regulations that stand in the way
  • What keeps him up at night
  • His thoughts on participation communities and non-profits
  • Growing up in the Santa Ynez Valley on a vineyard
  • His brothers’ successful operation at Firestone Walker Brewery, home of 805 Beer
  • A brief discussion of what it was like 13 years ago to be the on the third season of The Bachelor on TV when reality television was just getting started
Andrew was quite humorous during the conversation and said his greatest attribute, according to his three kids is, he’s hilarious. We’d agree.